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Air Explorer Pro 2.9.0 With Crack Download [Latest] REPACK

February 6, 2023 -New account manager. -Accounts can be grouped in categories. -New open account tab. -Improved user interface. -Fixed adding Huawei Drive accounts. -Improved Degoo upload speed. -Fixed, it was not possible to upload files larger that 2GB to HiDrive. -Now it is possible to download Dropbox paper and Google Documents on Dropbox. -Removed Arvancloud. -Fixed wrong speed display for Box upload chunk retries. -Fixed, due to the new timeous with .NET 4.5 the error messages were more generic. -Updated Ukranian translation (thanks to rad). -Updated Italian translation (Thanks to tfrtint).

Air Explorer Pro 2.9.0 With Crack Download [Latest]


January 8, 2023 -Fixed issue uploading very large files to Google Drive with very slow connections. -Fixed, some files could not be uploaded to Degoo. -Fixed downloading files from Dropbox team folders. -Fixed Dropbox generate shared links. -Fixed drag to external windows explorer could cause duplicate download in some systems. -Fixed encryption with SFTP servers. -Show Backup devices on Jottacloud and Onlime. -Fixed 1 second time difference for some Degoo uploads. -Updated arvancloud address. -Fixed issue that could cause a synchronization to be interrupted. -Fixed, dragging to some folders in Jottacloud and Onlime were not possible. -Updated Chinese Traditional translation (Thanks to Wang). -Updated Simplified Chinese translation (Thanks to Cooper).

November 16, 2022 -Air Explorer now requires .NET 4.5 or newer. -Added support for Dropbox teams. -Avoid 429 errors on OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint. -In OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint now the 429 and 50x errors are handled better. -Removed Internet Explorer engine dependency to show integrated login pages, now Air Explorer uses Edge engine. To use the newer Edge engine the WebView2 runtime needs to be installed on the computer. -Fixed, sometimes the Google Documents were not copied correctly to another cloud. -Added IDrive e2 support. -Fixed Degoo accounts could not be registered on some computers. -Added option in Sharepoint to specify the sites that Air Explorer will display instead of showing all the sites. -Do not copy again Google Documents to another cloud in synchronization even if the file size is different. -Reduced the number of requests needed to read the folders in OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint. -Fixed Degoo downloads. -Fixed issue with 50x errors on OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Online. -Fixed issue with sync filter when synchronizing a drive root folder. -Updated wasabi endpoints. -Fixed Mega login issue with some passwords. -Fixed error showing onedrive for business parameters window. -It is possible to specify Path address style for Wasabi accounts (it seems that some accounts require it). -Fixed error handling Windows files with invalid dates. -Sharepoint search has been improved and will give results from all the Sharepoint sites. -In command line, now it is possible to use DATETIMESECONDS macro to include the seconds in the log file name. -Fix comparison abort when a file is locked and hash is calculated. -Fixed error comparing file names in Windows 11. -It is possible to configure in Sharepoint a rate limit. -Updated Italian translation (Thanks to tfr).

March 12, 2022 -Faster Mega uploads. -Share Mega folders. -Show Mega thumbnails. -Play online videos on Mega. -Fixed HiDrive support. -Improved sftp upload and download speeds. -Saving edited encrypted files keeps the encryption. -Fixed compatibility issue with some S3 providers uploading files containing spaces in the name -Fixed, internal Google Drive files copied could duplicate the files. -New option for Google Drive accounts to download files flagged as spam, abusive or malware. It is disabled by default. -Fixed uploading large files to 4Shared. -Added support for S3 path style addresses. -Fixed issue connecting to some S3 servers. -Fixed error comparing files with invalid UTF characters. -Fixed issue uploading Google Documents to pCloud. -Scroll bars in synchronization window for more than 6 folders. -Play online videos on AWS S3 and S3 compatible servers. -Play online videos on Naver. -Play online videos on SFTP. -Fixed some characters were not handled correctly on some webdav servers. -Command line logs had space instaed of TAB after the date. -Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

December 18, 2020 -Added Backblaze cloud support. -Added Koofr cloud support. -Fixed issue renaming folder in S3. -Fixed issue transferring files larger than 4.5GB from one cloud to S3. -Fixed issue downloading very large files from S3. -Reduced memory usage downloading files from S3. -Improved uploading files to Dropbox. -Faster synchronization with Box. -Fixed compatibility issue with Synology SFTP. -Removed 2GB file limit for HiDrive. -Fixed dark mode title bar color on Windows 20H1. -Added downloads folder shortcut to the local folders tree. -Context menu to open account in tab now is shown faster. -New feature to stop scheduled tasks. -Fixed error copying files or folders in some webdav servers. -Fixed issue when max log size was enabled in command line. -Improved stability. -Fixed error transferring Google Documents to OneDrive for Business. -Fixed, some 0 bytes files could fail on upload to Box. -Reduced CPU usage refreshing local folders. -Fixed, deleting local items in a synchronizacion caused issues with the application focus. -Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung). -Updated Italian translation (Thanks to tfr). -Updated Greek translation (thanks to BasiKos). -Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey). -Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz). -Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thanks to Igor). -Updated Chinese Traditional translation (Thanks to Hulen).

August 27, 2020 -Updated support. -Fixed, some pcloud accounts could not be added. -Fixed some ftp accounts could not be added. -Fixed problem with Google Drive and disks containing the character "/" in the name. -Fixed problem with Google Shared Drives names with scheduled tasks. -Fixed problem with download retries in OneDrive. -Show error information when a delete operation fails in Google Drive. -Show the speed in MB/s for speeds faster than 1000 KB/s. -Better control of upload requests for Dropbox. -Improved stability. -Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz). -Updated Korean translation (Thanks to Kyung-Sin).

July 18, 2019 -Fixed error connecting to some Google Drive accounts.-Fixed: In some computers it was not possible to add two or more different OneDrive accounts.-Google Drive now connects and works faster.-Fixed error refreshing Google Drive shared with me folders.-Fixed: downloading a large folder structure could hang while calculating the total size.-Search now works on Google Team Drives.-Play videos from the search results.-Do not show invalid dates in local items.-Updated Czech language (thanks to Tobiczech).-Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Thanks to Hélio).-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung).

November 7, 2018 -Now it is possible to transfer from Mega to other clouds. -Fixed, some Mega accounts could not login. -Fixed, some Naver accounts could not login. -Fixed, some pCloud accounts could not login. -Option to download big files in parallel chunks to get a much better download speed in high speed Internet connections. This option is only for Pro users. The server supporting this feature are Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and pCloud. -Increased upload speeds for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive. -New setting for Box accounts to specify the number of chunks that will be uploaded in parallel. -Fixed issue comparing file names. It could cause a conflict upload error on Box. -Fixed error connecting to SFTP server using not the default port. -Fixed downloading files from a folder in with a dot at the end of the name. -New macro DATETIME to include the date and the time in the command line logs file name or synchronization reports, until now only DATE was available. -Fixed uploading 0 bytes size files to pCloud. -Updated Italian translation (thanks to Alex). -Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang). -Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz). -Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE). -Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey). -Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt). -Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung). -Updated Malay translation (Thanks to Molokal).

March 14, 2018 -Added support for Google Team Drives. -Don't trasnfer hidden files when folders are copied if view hidden files option is disabled. -Show progress after changing synchronization options. -Retry delete operations in synchronizations. -Retry create folder operations in sychronizations. -Log information in cloud delete operations in synchronizations. -Log information in local delete operations in synchronizations. -Shows more information when a create folder operation failed in Box. -Show error information in the logs when a local foder can not be accessed. -Retry when there is a 502 error on Box. -Retry when there is a timeout error on Box. -Show detailed file properties for Box. -Force refresh token if 401 received on Box. -Reduced memory usage on Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega. -Descriptive errors for downloads and uploads on Box. -Comparing folders for synchronization optimized in Box, now it is faster and uses less API calls. -Pause and resume uploads for large files (>50 MB) in Box (Chunked upload). -Fixed, when browsing a mounted network drive the address bar does not work. -Shows more information when a create folder operation failed in OneDrive. -Show file details properties for -Show file details properties for Baidu. -Copy/paste paths to the local computer address bar. -Show error information on failed delete operations. -Show error information on failed rename operations. -Show error information on failed move operations. -Reorder accounts in the Accounts Window with drag and drop. -Do not refresh the accounts list when moving accounts up or down in the Accouns Window. -Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt). -Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Igor). -Updated Rusian translation (thanks to Timofey). -Updated Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung). -Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang). 350c69d7ab


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