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Alexander Kotov
Alexander Kotov

PAYDAY 2: Scarface Character Pack Activation Key

Yes, it has the Scarface Character Pack as of writing this review. Used the code, checked the DLC, and it was there!Finally able to access a Character I had on the console version, and also a perk deck I heard was fun to use. Oh, and some weapons exclusively tied to this character pack; The Little Friend, and a Chainsaw Melee weapon.I admit I am still a bit peeved that we have to dig around the internet to try getting the DLC legit, because otherwise if I tried using a mod or hack of some sort to access the character and/or their perk deck, i'd be labelled a cheater and might get banned or something.

PAYDAY 2: Scarface Character Pack activation key

Download File:

Scarface Character Pack is still available, i trust this site fully and it's quick and safe. I just bought the Collection from here (11/07/2022) and recieved the Scarface character pack. It's worth it, 10/10.


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