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[S5E17] Bite Out Of Crime ((TOP))

On Rizzoli & Isles, Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are complete opposites and good friends who solve crimes and bust some of Boston's most notorious criminals. Jane, the only female detective in Boston's homicide division, is a tough and gutsy cop who doesn't let her guard down (except with Maura), dodges her overprotective mother, and is better at basketball than her brother. Maura, meanwhile, is usually more comfortable among the dead than the living. She is always impeccably dressed in designer duds with a steady, sometimes icy temperament. Jane and Maura often find themselves working together as both use their brilliant minds and expertise to figure out the "who done it" as well as the "how done it" of Boston's most complex cases.

[S5E17] Bite out of Crime

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With Maura at a Medical Examiner's convention, Jane needs Susie's help and crime scene dioramas to solve the perfect murder. Meanwhile, Korsak is visited by the son of an old friend and forced to deal with painful unfinished business.

The season opener "Tragedy" featured Shirley Knight who also starred in the premiere of the third season. Her character was Rose Granville, a wealthy mother determined to harm anyone who stands in her daughter's way of success. Mare Winningham was one of two fifth season nominees for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.[13] She played the mother of a hyperactive boy who takes the wrong medication and commits a heinous crime as a result. The second was Marlee Matlin for the nineteenth episode "Painless" in which she played assisted suicide advocate Dr. Amy Solwey. Here character shares an emotional scene with Detective Munch during which it is revealed that Munch's father killed himself. This is also true of Richard Belzer's father. Matlin commented that "I remember Richard having a hard time with it at first. I figured there must have been some personal connection there and I believe he told me afterwards."[14]

A male dermatologist (Martin Donovan) is suspected of murdering a baby and her mother. When he agrees to a paternity test, the detectives are surprised to learn that it matches the DNA of a serial child molester who applied honey to his penis. Detectives Benson and Stabler soon find out about a victim (Jolie Peters) who remembers the abuse. The new ADA, Casey Novak, has difficulty accepting the nature of the crime and asks to be reassigned.

A rewarding non-disclosure agreement causes two parents (James Colby and Jennifer Van Dyck) to refuse to have their child (Shane Haboucha) questioned about a suspected child molester (Will Keenan). It is also revealed that in hopes of getting millions worth of settlement, a grandmother (Cindy Williams) decides to seek out the same man and falsely accuse him of similar crimes against her granddaughter (Madeleine Martin), using clips she found in the paper.

As Evelyn and Teddy's wedding reception begins, Charlie and Courtney head upstairs to his room for sex but they discover that on Charlie's bed is the dead body of Teddy. However Teddy's pants are around his knees and there is lipstick on his penis. Charlie tells Alan what has happened, and Alan thinks it's their mom but Charlie says "She already married the man, why would she bother?". Berta walks in sees the body and leaves. When they eventually get their mom to come upstairs she calls Teddy a bastard. Alan is surprised with Evelyn telling him she did not have sex with Teddy by stating "I already married the man, why would I bother?" with Charlie having a gloating expression on his face. Berta walks in acting as if she just saw and says there's a limited time before the body decays and the smell goes through the house. Evelyn calls the police after calling the travel company and exchanging two tickets to Paris for one to Fiji. When the police arrive they examine the crime scene and find semen all over the room from Charlie's sexual encounters. The pants have been pulled up and the belt was in a new hole, later revealed to be Evelyn's doing, upset he cheated on her during the reception. They take Charlie, Alan, Jake, Evelyn, Courtney and Berta to the police station for questions about Teddy's death. During questioning Charlie hits on the investigator. He starts by saying he walked in to use the bathroom, saw the body and did a Home Alone expression, but confesses about being with Courtney after thinking he may get sent to prison for false statement and will get prison raped. Alan is too nervous about it and doesn't make any sense and lets slips Evelyn will have to bury another husband. Evelyn mostly complains about the coffee and tells the fates of her previous husbands, which included food poisoning, heart attacks and a bathtub electrocution. Meanwhile Berta says Teddy hit on her when they first met. Jake is only interested in food and brought up he never goes in Charlie's room as the skin mags are in Alan's room. During the investigation Evelyn becomes the prime suspect because of money and revenge, despite her alibi proving her innocent until she states that she wasn't the one fighting with Teddy over money. When they get to Courtney's interrogation, she simply sates she wants a lawyer. The group except for Courtney are sent to wait in the waiting room. After Evelyn sent Jake to get her coffee, four prostitutes pass by with three saying hi to Charlie and the last saying hi to Alan. Evelyn is surprised but Alan says at least he doesn't have a dead husband with lipstick on his penis. The detectives say that Courtney's on the phone with her attorney which confuses Charlie until they explain. Eventually the crime team discovered that Teddy and Courtney are actually named Nathan Krunk (Teddy) and Sylvia Fishman (Courtney) and they are scam artists who travel the country stealing money from people with "more money than brains". Charlie accidentally admits he was going to marry Courtney and gave her $50,000. They said the money and lifestyle Teddy had were from stolen credits cards and unpaid bills. It is determined Teddy died of a heart attack while having sex with Courtney who was not his daughter as previously thought. The wound found on his head was from two days prior, as Charlie was parked outside Sylvia's apartment while she and Teddy had sex where he hit his head on the bed head. Charlie expresses his anger right as Sylvia comes out in cuffs. As Sylvia is taken in custody, Charlie says he'll wait for her resulting in everyone looking at him. All the Harpers and Berta are released from custody, and Evelyn continues her trip to Fiji where she met a wealthy realtor. Like through the episode, food has been travelling throughout Jake's body, which resulted in a fart at the dinner table. Charlie and Alan are disgusted while Jake says "that was a good one wasn't it?".

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