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What a fairy story the history of Harvey would be if it should be writtenonly as it was. For one could even begin it once upon a time. Once upon a time,let us say, there was a land of sunshine and prairie grass. And then great geniicame and set in little white houses and new unpainted barns, thumbed in faintgreen hedgerows and board fences, that checkered in the fields lying green orbrown or loam black by the sluggish streams that gouged broad, zigzag furrows inthe land. And upon a hill that overlooked a rock-bottomed stream the genii, thespirit of the time, sat a town. It glistened in the sunshine and when the townwas over a year old, it was so newly set in, that its great stone schoolhouseall towered and tin-corniced, beyond the scattered outlying residences, rose inthe high, untrodden grass. The people of Harvey were vastly proud of thatschoolhouse. The young editor and his wife used to gaze at it adoringly as theydrove to and from the office morning and evening; and they gilded the town withhigh hopes. For then they were in their twenties. The population of Harvey forthe most part those first years was in its twenties also, when gilding is cheap.But thank Heaven the gilding of our twenties is lasting.

The shadows were long and deep when Tom Van Dorn rose from the hammock,closed his book, and stood beside the girl, looking with a gentle tendernessfrom the burning depths of his black eyes into her eyes. He paused beforestarting away, and held up a hand so that she could see, wound about it, aflaxen hair, probably drawn from the hammock pillow. He smiled rather sadly,dropped his eyes to the book closed in his hands, and quoted softly:

One evening while Laura was waiting for Tom Van Dorn and Grant was waitingfor Kenyon she and Grant sitting upon the veranda steps of the Nesbit home,looked into the serene, wide lawn that topped the hill above the quiet town.They could look across the white and green of the trees and houses, across theprosperous, solid, red roofs of the stone and brick stores and offices on MarketStreet, into the black smudge of smoke and the gray, unpainted, sprawling rowsof ill-kept tenements around the coal mines, that was South Harvey. They couldsee even then the sky stains far down the Wahoo Valley, where the villages ofFoley and Magnus rose and duplicated the ugliness of South Harvey.

Half an hour later Tom Van Dorn, in white flannels, with a red silk tie, andwith a white hat and shoes, came striding across the lawn. His black silkymustache, his soft black hair, his olive skin, his shining black eyes, his alertemotional face, dark and swarthy, was heightened even in the twilight by thesoft white clothes he wore.

He stood watching the man shudder and close his eyes, watching the blood seepout along a crooked seam, then gush over the face and fine, black hair andsilken mustache. A bloody flood streamed there while he watched. Then Fenn wipeddry the butt of his revolver. He felt of the gash in the forehead, and foundthat the bone was not crushed. He 218was sober, and an unnatural calm was upon his brain.He could feel the tears in his eyes. He stood looking at the face of theunconscious man a long, dreadful minute as one who pities rather than hates afoe. Then he stepped to the telephone, called Dr. Nesbit, glanced at thefountain pen and the crumpled letter, burst into a spasm of weeping, and tiptoedout of the room.

He stood excited with his deep, beady, black eyes burning and his proud, vainface flushed and his hands a-tremble. The Doctor saw that he was in the midst ofa physical and mental turmoil that could not be checked. 041b061a72


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