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Ali Sorokin
Ali Sorokin

Born To Raise Hell Online Free

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Born to Raise Hell online free

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"Get the Paper." Fortunately for headquarters, the resident, Dr. LeRoy Smith, 26, was more alert. "I picked up his head and looked at the nurse to see if she had noticed," Smith recalled. "I said to her, 'Get the paper.' " The doctor moistened his fingertips, rubbed Speck's blood-caked arm. "I saw the letter B. Then I rubbed some more and saw O-R-N." Recalling news accounts that Speck sported a tattoo, "Born to raise hell," Dr. Smith turned to the nurse, Sandra Hrtanek, 23, and said: "This is the fellow the police are looking for. Get hold of the police right now."

No, they came out to raise hell as they never have before because Jim Gibbons, the governor of Nevada, just proposed state budget cuts to higher education of a whopping 36 percent. At UNLV, that could mean a budget slash of as much as 52 percent and possible tuition increases of 225 percent.

Conformity is a conviction. Nonconformity is a conviction, too. What the government says must be right, it must be spread, and no dissent shall be possible. If they call that consensus, then to hell with it. Both thoughts of human beings are being used to deny the values of human life and of the higher human capacities. They want to use them and degrade them. If our students come to an international student meeting now, the others will laugh in their faces. Because we are doing what the others (the totalitarians, the Russians) did all along. There was never any doubt about it. Every word they said, was dictated by the government. We laughed at them. We said "you are not free, we are free." "In the United States every fool can make up his mind, and he will tell you so, and you can only say he is a fool. But you cannot say he does not pursue the truth. He is, with one word, a human being and not a machine, or a criminal."

The course itself is a difficult one. It makes only one general metaphysical assumption. The assumption is that man is capable of gaining the freedom to pursue truth. There are people who deny that he is capable of winning that freedom. I do not say that man is free. We are not born free. We are born with the capability to make ourselves free, to institutionalize ourselves in a way that can bring freedom to the earth. And we want it, which means that the academy wants it, and every human feeling wants it. The possibilities for this remain, and we will in this course pursue those possibilities. Man can throw them away. -He may not want them. He can fall down, but he cannot deny that he once had them. Man may not be born free, but he is endowed with a certain set of higher creative faculties, and they distinguish him as the only being in the world of beings who experiences his life (his surroundings, society, nature, the whole of Being) as a world. World consciousness is only in man.


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