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Top Websites To Buy Used Cars ((EXCLUSIVE))

An analysis by Santander Consumer USA identified nearly 100 online research and shopping resources available to the nearly 40 million consumers that shop for used cars in a typical year. The best used car sites were named by 28 sources that listed choices for those most helpful to car shoppers.

top websites to buy used cars

Few shoppers look at even a half-dozen of the best used car websites, based on a recent survey, which showed that online shoppers visit an average of about four websites before buying their used vehicle, and that third-party websites typically were the first and last online shopping destinations.* provides shoppers data, resources and digital tools to make informed buying decisions about new, used and certified preowned vehicles and to connect them with dealers. Search by make, model, body style, color, features, price, deal rating (great, good, fair price) and more. The site offers one of the simplest car affordability calculators we encountered, and an outstanding tool enabling detailed comparisons between several vehicles. New car reviews and videos also are provided. (+)

eBay MotorsThe well-known auction website functions more like an online classified ad listing for cars and trucks. The eBay search engine provides detailed criteria such as make, model, pricing, location, delivery options and more, as well as a Market Price Analysis that shows how asking prices compare to other prices for vehicles sold on the site. Unlike the previous website, eBay Motors provides seller ratings that may help shoppers decide whether or not to make a particular purchase. (+)* Edmunds offers a nationwide database that empowers customers to search a vast inventory of new, used and certified preowned vehicles in their area. The site provides comprehensive used-vehicle search capability and vehicle rankings; reports new-car pricing; identifies highly-rated used cars; flags great, good and fair prices, and offers affordability and loan calculators. Edmunds also provides True Market Value and True Cost to Own on used and new cars, respectively. While a bit overwhelming, the website is worth exploring for the wealth of information it can provide to serious shoppers. (+)

CarMax*Shoppers can find CarMax-certified used vehicles online that are available through 225 stores nationwide. Shop by vehicle price, category, brand, model year, popularity and lifestyle (commuter, eco-friendly, family and outdoor), for example. Although the website could be easier to navigate, shoppers should be able to find car-buying tips and an easy-to-use car payment calculator. (+)

Our lists of the 16 best used car websites based on a survey of online sources and 13 that get proven search results based on our own research should make it a little easier to identify those third-party websites which may be the best used car sites in your search for another vehicle.

Due to the nature of the vehicles they sell, car sites that sell classic cars or cars from certain eras charge more, typically around $89 and higher. Auction sites will also take a commission fee which can start at 4.5% of the sales price.

Overall, is a top pick for anyone looking to buy or sell a car online. Wondering if Autotrader is a trustworthy option for buying or selling cars? Find out in our comprehensive Autotrader review. Kelley Blue Book, or, is one of the most trusted sources for car pricing and information in the US. The website provides users with a range of tools to help them research and compare cars, including pricing information, expert reviews, and consumer ratings.

CarGurus is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling new and used cars. The site uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze pricing data and provide users with a fair market value for each car listed. also offers advanced search filters, vehicle history reports, and user reviews to help users find the right car for their needs. The site has a user-friendly interface and mobile app, making it easy to browse and compare cars on the go. is a comprehensive online marketplace for buying and selling new and used cars. The site has over 4 million listings and offers advanced search filters, vehicle history reports, and pricing information to help users find the right car for their needs.

In addition to its website, also has a mobile app that allows users to browse and compare cars on the go. The site also offers resources for financing, insurance, and trade-ins, making it a one-stop-shop for car buyers. cooperates with CARFAX for vehicles sold through their site.

In the Northern part of the country, Carfax has a large and mostly complete vehicle history database. Whenever a used vehicle report is requested, Carfax gets its information from over 112,000 data sources. These data sources include auctions, fire departments, repair facilities, rental agencies, and so on.

Carfax also deals in used cars, offering vehicle searches through make, model, body type, and price. You can also choose if you want a vehicle with no accidents or damages, is owned by one person and has a service history with Carfax.

is a unique website that allows users to buy cars online and have them delivered to their doorstep. The site has a wide selection of cars and offers a range of financing options to help users purchase their desired vehicle. also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, making it a low-risk option for car buyers.

Similar to other websites which buy cars, you will be getting less for your vehicle compared to selling to a private party. On the positive side, you will be leaving CarMax with check-in in your hand while CarMax handles the required paperwork.

Edmunds started out as a vehicle appraisal booklet company but developed into an online marketplace for buying and selling used cars. The site offers new and used cars, information about the buying process, as well as links to dealerships and lenders.

The search functions that Edmunds provides look similar to the functions which are available on other websites, Edmunds often has more features to offer and more options to choose from. It has features that allow buyers to filter and refine more thoroughly. Edmunds also helps people educate about the car and its buying process. is a website that caters to collectors and enthusiasts looking for unique and interesting vehicles. Their daily auctions feature rare and vintage cars, with a community of experts providing commentary and insights on each listing.

This may be the ultimate site for buying and selling uncommon works of art or marvelous, used sports cars. The portal is overflowing with devotee traffic, plus Bring-A-Trailer screens all cars on its site prior to posting them.

Hemmings is so popular among classic car enthusiasts that a single listing can reach millions of potential buyers. Listings are published online as well as in print with Hemmings Motor News. The best part is that the buyer knows what the buyer wants and they love cars. They also understand how classic car transport works.

Their classified listings include cars, parts, and services, while their editorial content covers everything from automotive history to restoration tips. Hemmings also hosts events and auctions, making it a great resource for car enthusiasts looking to connect with like-minded individuals.

Each and every auction has a gallery filled with cars with a thorough description that highlights the main features, the ownership history, and flaws if the car has any. Some sellers include videos to lessen the stress of buying a car sight unseen.

Their daily auctions feature cars that are both fun to drive and have the potential to appreciate in value, making it a great place to find your next collector car. With a focus on transparency and customer satisfaction, Cars & Bids has quickly established itself as a trusted source for high-quality vehicles.

Their advanced search options allow buyers to filter by make, model, year, and location, while their price comparison tool shows the average price for similar vehicles. is a great resource for anyone looking to find a used car quickly and efficiently. is a website that helps buyers find used cars from both dealerships and private sellers. Their advanced search options allow buyers to filter by make, model, year, and location, while their price comparison tool shows the average price for similar vehicles. also offers a variety of resources for car buyers, including reviews and ratings of vehicles and a mobile app for easy access on the go.

Yet another car-buying website that makes in-person visits to dealerships on the weekend a relic of the past. Just like Carvana, cars get sold on the website and get delivered anywhere in the United States.

Using an online used car website allows you to browse a large selection of vehicles from the comfort of your own home, compare prices and features, and potentially find better deals than at a traditional dealership.

Would you like to buy or sell a vehicle at online car auctions in the United States? If so, you're not alone as nearly every step of the new, used, and salvage car buying and selling experience can be completed online. Shopping for a used car online is a great alternative to visiting a car dealer in person, especially with...

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Many financial experts will tell you that buying an inexpensive used car and keeping it for years is one of the savviest things you can do to minimize the cost of car ownership. But if you pick the wrong vehicle or place to buy, that "cheap" car could cost you thousands in repairs or finance costs. 041b061a72


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