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Alexander Kotov

Stranger Things Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

the studio told the hollywood reporter that the goal of 13 reasons why was to show the ugly side of teen suicide, which is to say, the stuff that people do. the shows producers hoped, as many montreal studio execs did, that the body count would result in fans debating suicide more than they did sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

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the deal here is that while 13 reasons why was an exploration of the depression and isolation that may cause a teen to end his or her life, it was also a comment on society's inability to deal with such a major issue. suicide is an epidemic in the u.s., but no one talks about it.

piracy economics. molly molloy, senior policy advisor at the department of broadband, communications and the digital economy, said the report showed new studies showed streaming video platforms provide content at a significantly cheaper cost than piracy. the report, entitled the australian movie and television industry commendation 2012-2013 also explored a strategy to improve the ability of the australian government to manage the spread of content online. this involved doing better at moderating the flow of content through the internet and tackling illegal content, which has long been a problem in australia. she said the government took a three-pronged approach including co-operation with industry to remove content, moderation of the flow of content through the internet and improvement to the powers of copyright enforcement.

it also recommended establishing clear policies about what should be permissible and what should be illegal and why, and highlighted the importance of the co-operation between industry and government. the report also found australians were using an increasing number of viewing platforms as well as increasing their viewing time online. the study found about one in four australian adults watch online shows regularly, with the ipad accounting for a record number of shows viewed online.


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