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Benim Dünyam (2013) - A Turkish Remake of Black (2005)

Benim Dünyam (My World) is a 2013 Turkish drama film directed by Uğur Yücel. It is the remake of the 2005 Indian film, Black which in turn was inspired by the true story of American political activist and lecturer Helen Keller, who was taught to read, write and speak, despite her condition as a deafblind.

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Plot Summary

The film follows the life of Ela, a girl who lost her ability of seeing and hearing at the age of two due to a severe illness. She grows up in a secluded and isolated world, unable to communicate with anyone. Her family considers her a burden and a disappointment, and treats her harshly. Everything changes when Mahir Hoca, a teacher who has dedicated his life to educating people with disabilities, enters her life. He takes Ela under his wing and teaches her how to read, write and speak using sign language. He also helps her discover the beauty and joy of life, while healing his own wounds from losing his sister in a similar condition. Ela and Mahir Hoca develop a strong bond that transcends their limitations and challenges.

Cast and Crew




Uğur Yücel


Ugras Günes, Can Yücel


Beren Saat

Mahir Hoca

Uğur Yücel


Ayça Bingöl


Turgay Kantürk


Hazar Ergüçlü

Critical Reception

The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its emotional and inspirational story, as well as the performances of the lead actors. The film was also compared favorably to the original Indian film, Black, which was also acclaimed for its portrayal of the relationship between a deafblind girl and her teacher. The film won several awards at various film festivals, including the Best Film Award at the 2013 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. The film also became a commercial success, grossing over $7 million worldwide.

Download Link

If you are interested in watching this film, you can download it from this link: [Benim-Dunyam-2013-720p-BluRay-x264-AAC--Ozlem]. This is a high-quality BluRay rip with English subtitles. Enjoy!


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