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Thenali 720p Movies

Thenali 720p Movies - A Review of the Comedy Classic

Thenali is a 2000 Tamil comedy film directed by K. S. Ravikumar and starring Kamal Haasan, Jayaram, Jyothika, Devayani and Meena. The film was a blockbuster hit and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was later dubbed into Telugu and released as Tenali in 2001. The film is available in 720p resolution on various online platforms, such as YouTube , Dailymotion and Isaimini. Here is a review of the film and why you should watch it in 720p quality.

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The Plot

The film revolves around Thenali (Kamal Haasan), a Sri Lankan Tamil who suffers from multiple phobias due to his traumatic past. He is treated by Dr. Panchabhootham (Delhi Ganesh) and his assistant (Ramesh Khanna), who are jealous of a younger and more successful psychiatrist, Dr. Kailash (Jayaram). They decide to sabotage Dr. Kailash's reputation by sending Thenali to him as a patient. However, things go awry when Thenali follows Dr. Kailash to his vacation home in Kodaikanal, where he falls in love with his sister Janaki (Jyothika) and causes havoc in his family life. The film is full of hilarious situations and dialogues, as Thenali tries to overcome his fears and win Janaki's heart, while Dr. Kailash tries to get rid of him and save his marriage with Jalaja (Devayani).

The Cast and Crew

The film boasts of a stellar cast and crew, who deliver excellent performances and technical aspects. Kamal Haasan is brilliant as Thenali, portraying his various phobias and emotions with ease and humor. He also wrote the dialogues for the film, which are witty and hilarious. Jayaram is equally impressive as Dr. Kailash, who is frustrated and annoyed by Thenali's antics. He also shows his versatility by playing a dual role as Dr. Kailash's father in a flashback scene. Jyothika is charming as Janaki, who is kind and compassionate towards Thenali. Devayani is convincing as Jalaja, who is suspicious and insecure about her husband's relationship with Thenali. Meena makes a special appearance as Thenali's Sri Lankan wife in the climax, which is a surprise twist. The supporting cast, including Delhi Ganesh, Ramesh Khanna, Madhan Bob, Vijayakumari and others, are also commendable in their roles.

The film is directed by K. S. Ravikumar, who is known for his comedy films with Kamal Haasan, such as Avvai Shanmughi (1996) and Panchathanthiram (2002). He handles the film with flair and finesse, balancing the comedy and the emotions well. The film is produced by R. Karpagam under the banner of R. K. Celluloids. The music is composed by A. R. Rahman, who delivers a melodious and catchy soundtrack. The songs are well picturized and suit the mood of the film. The cinematography is done by Priyan, who captures the scenic beauty of Kodaikanal in stunning visuals. The editing is done by K. Thanigachalam, who keeps the pace of the film smooth and crisp.

The Verdict

Thenali is a comedy classic that will make you laugh out loud and also touch your heart with its message of overcoming fears and finding love. The film is a must-watch for fans of Kamal Haasan, Jayaram and comedy films in general. The film is best enjoyed in 720p resolution, which enhances the visual quality and clarity of the film. You can watch Thenali 720p movies on various online platforms, such as YouTube , Dailymotion and Isaimini. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and enjoy this hilarious ride with Thenali!


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