My mom always told me; "Mandy your a Social Butterfly" ~ I think, I am a Social Bee!

Updated: Jun 9

“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it, so it goes on flying anyway.” ~ Mary Kay Ash

Photography by AT McHugh

"One never knows what a day will bring and one day turns into another" are the two statement you will often here me say. I talk to strangers, which helps my networking abilities! I enjoy shaking someones hand and saying Hello, Hola, Aloha!!! Since I was four I have followed strangers to introduce myself and when I am 80 I will run faster to catch up to them; until then ~ My goal is to help others while hosting Custom Charity Events; raising Fun and giving Funds back to our communities. In Love and Light.

“How do the smallest bugs make the biggest impact?”

That is a question I will leave for the bug experts! The only thing I am an expert on; is myself.

Small and Mighty

I may not be a bug expert but I am a petite woman. My mother also said often when I would share the teasing of other children, "Mandy, TNT is smaller than Dynomite ~ but one makes a much larger explsion, just in a smaller package. You my dear, are quite a bang!" Love others and they will love in return, so I do.

Pampering Rose Non Profit Corporation; A legal entity with board members; intended for the purpose of Charity ~ Named after a little girl named Rose. Small now, just a beginning to a story; Scary and Raw. I wonder what kind of explosion it is going to have :)

This is my first "Blog" ever. This is my first Corporation I have founded. This is my first time considering the possiblities of this Bang my mother often spoke of and deciding to light my own kinolini serpent fire, while allowing the elements of possiblity be planted in the miracles of our universe.

Social Butter Fly or a Social Bee?

With out you there would be no me.

I can not complete this story or this rhyme,

With out my family, friends, and their time.

Thank you from my heart ~ for this beginning and this start!

Raising Fun! Giving Funds! Pampering Rose has just begun!

- Founder Amanda Ricker, Positive Change Agent; Licensed Massage Therapist; and Writer; 2018

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