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The beginning of things are scary, the endings of things are sad, its whats in the middle that counts.
Our Name.

  On May 26th 2018 we hosted our premier event, Celebrating Humanity. Pampering Rose's name was curated by a story, a story about a little girl, remembered from elementary school.  She wore torn sneakers, out dated dresses, and often times had dirt on her face. She was kind and calm and very seldom spoke. She smiled a lot. Her eyes pierced others with a fierce shade of blue and despite the teasing, ridicule, and shame the kids tormented her with ~ She always treated others the way she wanted to be treated.  

It is through this story; that this, 501c3 Organization received its name. An inspiration to "Pamper the Rose in all of us" to host One Event at a time.

We can say we have nothing to give, no time to do it. We can give a reason to walk by, turn our cheek. Or we could stir the pot and have faith in water and a rock. ~ inspired by the story Stone Soup 


We believe in standing up for others who cant stand up for themselves.

We believe we are to treat others how we want to be treated.
And above all else, we believe in being Kind.

Persistence and planting a seed of possibilities...

Amanda Ricker
 Positive Change Agent & President of Pampering Rose 
Custom Charity Events

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